Scripting For Graphics Designers

This is a thoughtbridge with regards to scripting the Adobe® Creative Suite® applications with ExtendScript.

It’s aim is to bridge two different audiences. Software developers are often left-brainers. Graphics designers are often right-brainers.

The title of this page has a double meaning; the ‘for’ can be interpreted in two ways.

For graphics designers the title above means to ‘how graphics designers can use, manage and build scripts’.

For software developers it means: ‘how to create scripts that can be used efficiently by graphics designers’.

Software Developer

If you are a software developer the ideas might help you write scripts that are ‘user-friendly’ and easy to use and install. As a result, you might get better uptake.

Many scripts fall flat, not because they don’t work, but because they fall into the ‘too hard’ basket for the target audience. Some of these guidelines might make your scripts more appealing.

Graphics Designer

If you are a graphics designer, this will help you install, use, and even modify existing scripts efficiently and confidently, without forcing you to get a degree in computer science.

But in case you want to make a stab at writing your own scripts, you’ll also find a lot of valuable info here to get you started.


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