Thoughtbridges Between Propellerheads And Artists

With some people, communication is easy.

With some other people, communication is hard.

Sometimes, that does not matter. Like ships in the night…

But sometimes, it matters. And then you have to find a way.

Speaking  louder or slower, or repeating the same sentence over and over won’t help.

The difficulty often comes from a difference in perspective.

Left-brainer, right-brainer. Introvert, extrovert. Hand-waver, methodical. One vantage point, another vantage point. Different cultures. Different beliefs.

‘Breaking through’ rarely works.

Instead, you have to build a thoughtbridge. You have to try and understand how the other person sees things.

First step away from ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, then try to look at things from a different angle.

This web site hosts a wiki with ideas on how to build some of those bridges.

At least initially, I’ll be working from my professional ‘natural environment’.

I design and develop software for people who live in the creative sphere.  As a result, I often have to translate between structured thinkers and scatterbrains, left-brainers and right-brainers,  word-thinkers and concept-thinkers,…

So, here goes: the wiki can be found here:



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Building Bridges Of Mutual Understanding