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Most software developers will know many or most of these patterns.

You can choose to follow one or more of these metapatterns when you create scripts.

You have total freedom in what you want to pick, but the more patterns you adhere to, the higher your chances that someone further down the track will be able to understand and make good use of the software.

If and when you choose to follow the metapattern approach, you will need to add some standardized comments to the heading of your script to indicate which patterns you used: one or more comment-lines of the form

where PATTERNAME is one of the metapattern codes below.

This to clearly communicate which metapatterns you had in mind while building the software.

These metapatterns are merely suggestions. You can make up your own mind how rigorously or how loosely you want to apply any of them, if at all.

A lot of these metapatterns will seem incredibly obvious to a software developer. It is important to keep in mind that they are not necessarily obvious to a non-developer.