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Bridging The Gap

Creating scripts to automate graphics-orientated programs like InDesign, Illustrator... is not quite the same as general software development.

In general software development, most times the people 'touching' the source code are software developers or engineers. They share a fairly large amount of background knowledge that does not need to be communicated. Properly written source code written by one engineer can be read and understood by another engineer. They understand the basic rules of software development, and there is no need to re-iterate what is common knowledge between them.

When it comes to writing scripts for graphic workflows, the picture is quite different. Often a software developer is involved, but at the same time, a graphics-orientated person will be involved too. They want to install, tweak, adjust existing scripts.

In that case the different actors do not necessarily share the same common rules. When a graphics-orientated person reads a script written by a software developer, a lot of detail will escape being noticed.

This web site is an attempt to bridge that gap.

It allows a software engineer to communicate to a 'consumer' of the software what they need to pay attention to. Highlight certain aspects.

It allows a graphics-orientated person to understand important details about a script without needing to get a degree in computer science.